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City Agricultural Development Group deploys party history learning and education
City Agricultural Development Group deploys party history learning and education
On the afternoon of March 25, Taizhou Agricultural Development Group held a party history study and education mobilization and deployment meeting, calling on the group to set off an upsurge of party history study and education, so as to learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, and create new situations. Absorb the power of thought in history, and strive to start a new journey of high-quality leaping development of the group. Group leaders Zhang Chun, Chen Jianhua, and the main persons in charge of various departments and party branches attended the meeting.
The meeting first conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference, as well as the decision-making and deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee and the provincial and municipal committees. The meeting read out the Agricultural Development Group's "Implementation Plan on Carrying out Party History Learning and Education".
Zhang Chun, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping profoundly explained the significance of carrying out party history learning and education, and systematically answered the important questions of “why, what, and how to learn”, which is important for learning the history of the party in the new era. Carrying forward the party’s tradition and starting a new journey made important arrangements, which pointed out the direction for us to carry out a good party history study and education, and provided a fundamental follow-up. The group should quickly unify their thoughts and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, further improve their ideological understanding and political position, and in accordance with the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal SASAC, take party history learning and education as an important political throughout the year. The task is well grasped.
Zhang Chun emphasized that the group should follow the requirements of "learning history to be clear, learning history to increase credit, learning history to respect morality, and learning history to practice" requirements, and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, and quickly form a strong work force for party history learning and education. It is necessary to make scientific and overall planning, effectively strengthen the organizational leadership of party history learning and education, and ensure that the party history learning and education achieve fruitful results. It is necessary to innovate methods and methods to form a strong atmosphere of knowing history, loving the party, and knowing history and loving the country. We must focus on applying what we have learned, and closely integrate the study and education of party history with the high-quality development of the group to ensure that the "14th Five-Year Plan" starts well and starts well, and celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.
Agricultural Development Group welcomes a good start
Agricultural Development Group welcomes a good start
Time of issue : 2021-05-10 14:27:00
Mianmian like the rain and it is so crispy. On January 26, two container trucks were loading bags of seeds in the storage area of Hongqi Seed Company of Taizhou Agricultural Development Group. This is the first batch of 900 tons of hybrid rice seeds that the company exported to Southeast Asia this year. These seeds will be sent to the Philippines via Taizhou Port in the near future.
In 2020, the company overcame the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and shipped 500 tons of rice seeds to Pakistan in time to help Pakistan, which suffered a severe locust plague, to supplement the summer with autumn and contribute to the strength of Taizhou to ensure the food security of the “Pakistan Railway”. The company exported more than 3,600 tons of hybrid rice seeds throughout the year, earning more than 10 million US dollars in foreign exchange.
In recent years, Hongqi Seed Industry has actively responded to the severe situation of the seed market, continuously deepened foreign cooperation, actively integrated into the “Belt and Road” construction through the “going out” strategy, and conducted trials and demonstrations in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia and other countries. Planting, many varieties have passed the import quality certification of the host country. At present, the company's hybrid rice seed exports are mainly for Southeast Asia and Africa markets, which are expected to account for 20%-30% of the country's hybrid rice seed exports.
The flower of state-owned enterprises is about to bloom on the snow-covered plateau
The flower of state-owned enterprises is about to bloom on the snow-covered plateau
On April 15, the "Taizhou Qushui Aid Construction Cooperation Project" was formally signed with Suzhong Horticultural Company. He Ming, Member of the Standing Committee of Qushui County Party Committee and Deputy County Mayor of Lhasa City, Tibet; Jiayong Rezhu, Director of the Management Committee of the National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Zone in Caina Township, Qushui County; Liu Linjing and Yu Bin, leaders of the Municipal Agricultural Development Zone, Municipal Agricultural Development Group Chairman Zhang Chun attended the signing ceremony.
For the contracted project, the two parties will cooperate in the construction of an 8,000-square-meter high-quality flower gardening factory cultivation demonstration area and a 2,000-square-meter display center for horticultural products and facilities in Tibet’s Qushui Caina Agricultural Park. The project adopts the "EPC+O" method of construction, uses the advanced technology and operation management experience of Suzhong Horticultural Company, and combines the natural resource endowment and market demand of Lhasa Qushui to jointly develop the Lhasa market to radiate Tibet, promote the industrial upgrading of both parties, and promote each other's three The integration of production will drive farmers (herdsmen) to increase their incomes and become rich. After the project is completed, it will meet the needs and experience of the people of all ethnic groups in Tibet for flower consumption, provide a model for the standardized production of plateau flowers and organic fruits and vegetables, and provide a scientific and technological platform for citizens to visit modern horticultural technology, attracting the younger generation and new farmers (herd husbandry). ) The people are concerned about the development of modern agriculture.
The project uses the "61069" large-scale ultra-energy-saving and high-efficiency greenhouse system developed by Suzhong Horticulture Company. The system has the advantages of strong structure, long life, low operating cost, and high technology integration, which is at the domestic level. In the next step, Suzhong Horticulture will use the valuable experience of going out of Jiangsu and entering Tibet to accelerate the integrated application and demonstration and promotion of this technology, and strive to grow into a collection of horticultural seedling research and development, production and sales, as well as smart greenhouse design and construction. , Management as an integrated operator.
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