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Taizhou Modern Agriculture Development Group Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Modern Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Taizhou Modern Agricultural Development Group) was established in January 2021 with a registered capital of RMB 727 million. It is a wholly state-owned enterprise directly under the Taizhou Municipal Government. The group actively responds to the city’s agricultural and rural modernization development, and the requirements of the deepening reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises, integrates municipal agricultural asset resources, adheres to "substantial, market-oriented, and corporatized" operations, and strives to do a good job in modern agricultural development and promote the city’s agricultural High-quality development of state-owned agriculture-related enterprises. Main business: comprehensive agricultural development, agricultural commercial circulation, comprehensive agricultural services, capital operation and management.
At present, the group has 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries such as Taizhou Suzhong Horticulture Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Suzhong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Taizhou National Grain Storage and Reserve, Taizhou Jinyuan Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. and other wholly-owned subsidiaries. One holding subsidiary, Jiangsu Hongqi Seed Industry Co., Ltd. (listed on the New OTC Market), participates in the establishment of Jiangsu Gufeng Agricultural Investment Fund (Limited Partnership), Taizhou Xingnong Guarantee Investment Co., Ltd., and Taizhou Agricultural Development Zone Agricultural Investment Fund.
The main line of development of the group is to strengthen the operating strength of state-owned enterprises in the development of rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization, to deepen reforms to promote coordinated development and to improve quality and efficiency as development goals, and to market expansion, management improvement, and talent construction as development support, focusing on doing a good job The six development tasks of "planning, strengthening management, building teams, improving benefits, building brands, and ensuring safety" focus on building three main businesses: agricultural technology innovation and application of results, agricultural engineering construction and comprehensive development, agricultural business circulation and comprehensive services Plate.



Taizhou Modern Agriculture Development Group Co., Ltd.


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